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Great things aren't realized by impulse.

Photo: Mohamed Nohassi   Great things aren't realized by impulse, rapt struggle and burning desires just seems to be the driving force sharpening unrealistic goals. We strive to pinch perfection from the collection of wishes with the exertion of efforts to define our route to prestige, perhaps to push beyond boundaries. Sometimes we're often blinded by the arrays of defeats and inevitable ruin. Like when life seems tough; underdogs and predatory advice might get one thinking negatively — exploiting life struggle with a flicker of a worst-case scenario. To some extent, I assume stepping outside of our comfort zone to chase success is equally a chore to bear in the cause of living. After all, we all commit to life-affirming dreams and aspirations. Trust me, existence offers endless misery and merry, fleeting moments we've got to accept. In the course of our lifetime, there are fractions of regrets, rejections and frustrations — either way, we've got to continue pressing