The reality of Existence.



The reality of Existence.

"Real-life is for living"


In 2020, brands of unrest run through the world. We all just turn to faith and benedictions to stay very much alive —trying to understand and meditate on thoughts. There are a lot of scary things happening these days; timely news of new catastrophe, cops brutality and incessant uproar. 

It has been a moment's people battle with depression while seeming harder to stay emotionally intact, kind of vague despair. So sad, it has proven beyond doubt that individuals now live in fear and widespread emotional distress. Yet, the government seems to have lost sight of whom it represents, and quite upsetting just how these pressing issues make many people marvel at downright misleading stuff — navigating criminality and violations for luxury. 

But first, how do we sustain hope in a life where feelings swing into fractures of disdain, anxiety and severe loss of imaginable resilience?

One time I find myself reflecting on a world devoid of uncertainty, painful memories, unjust administration, and all kinds of discomfort. I thought a lot of things. I consciously imagined reality of life with the ratio of unfortunate adventures, overwhelming thoughts and repressed uneasiness stretching; Sighs. Joy. Tears. Pain. Desires. Passion. Somehow, I begin to visualize how life occasionally turns out to be more, more and more shades of hard times with slight remarkable moments underneath the severity of shipwrecked expectations.

In living, there is a tantrum of tears and triumph.

We all go through exciting and sorriest of experience — mixed feelings of ever-curious and intense situations. Sometimes, life confrontations require versions of reflections and strict self-talk to sought out existential delusions. Even amid sad situationship, I assume it's important we acknowledge the harsh reality of life precisely with compassion to dispel sad memories.


Existence leaves us with seemingly striking and intriguing adventure, we all crave — perfection, excellence and domination. Somehow, we hope to reach a point at which the anxiety and uncertainty in our lives attract stillness and good enough distinction.

Moreover, we are all dispersed in chaos and turbulence to live in; it a constant struggle and a thing of an immense lesson to be learnt from — at least genuinely reflecting on those delusions — to fearlessly stab all odds twisting the shed of desires.

I've found that the process of seeking what life has chosen for us is a cross to bear, in some ways, being alive just seem like a pair of compasses struggling to find space in uneven circumference. Such is the life we live: there are “mad" moments battered with so many sad memories—yet in this weird period there is still fleeting joy and pleasure to carry on with life.

Either way, existence unfolds drizzling resurgence of bittersweet experiences, I only wish emotions gain composure in phases of stiff conditions — which is why we need to find excitement wherever we can grab it from. P. Mysore writes: Enjoy life; smile counts more than frown.


To live is to aggressively make brightness in the trail of darkest moments.

Somehow, life seems pretty much toxic for months now and the world has felt like it’s on the brink of collapse — coronavirus pandemic mounting death tolls across the world and host of challenges impinging the stillness of our composure.

You see, life is an intrinsic sort of endless experience; moments and memories are often what curates our existence — but we must emit prosperous legacy into moments and memories while seeking survival in life — that alone becomes a treasure when lifeless.

Well, survival must be chased to keep living in check and at the same time, every negative vibe and mental stress coursing through the mind must be hurled to the direction of creating resounding healing, in some ways, creating premium rest and cognitive consciousness.

©️  Alao Afeez Oluwatamilore


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