Finding value in the fuss of existence

You will face my defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated.

Maya Angelou.

Life is a phenomenon stirring in merriments and grieves. As a human, every single day is faced with a fraction of situations that unfold the sequence of memories and feelings. We marvel at prospective; even in the depth of despair, we struggle, struggle and struggle for certain phantoms of significance until the inescapable exploit our struggle.

Often, life seems much like a thread woven around tough and smooth. By the stretch of tough times, grief greases certain things you resonate with. However, in the most modest ways, it's a task to unravel the severity of situations, ease the haunting and striking illusions — it's as though during these phases of dark times we gasped on how to precisely hold on to life, push beyond boundaries, while also combating boredom to stay off memories of misfortunes. 

More than that, there are tons of experiences that define the purpose of existence; something merited on fitting vibes and energies from the jaws of contrasting emotions of pain and pleasure — since moments in the trap of life have always been with 'ordeals', cruising it off is always another tradition in terms of capturing motivations and restorations to unrealistic goals, whilst softening the weight of indecision for actions that actually procreate successes. 

But you see, life holds different folds of ups and downs, and that these ups and downs cut through dreadful mood swings — fortunes and crises — each moment always seems as though unsatisfactory. Perhaps in the quest to pinpoint whatever is good in you, it requires to defeat the hostile feelings that appear to signal the negative features, introspect and reflect on setbacks. Swing commitment to your life!

Basically, it is apparent that we examine our existence to realistically compare yesterday and today — regular introspections is something calling us to assess shortcomings and readiness to corrections; a means to sweep hostile moments under the rug, meditate on new ways in a bid to process the challenges. After all, great things aren't fulfilled by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. Perhaps in the moment of fearsome thoughts, at least we own our life; dream and create joy with these thoughts for self-redemption and significance.

Pain, joy, sorrow, strive, mystery, healing and sadness; these are what constitutes the season of life. Above all, when good moments slide into the landscape of hard times lie on how one defines existence — much like finding composure and ease of mind to the painful roller coaster in lifetime.

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