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Finding value in the fuss of existence

You will face my defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated. Maya Angelou. Life is a phenomenon stirring in merriments and grieves. As a human, every single day is faced with a fraction of situations that unfold the sequence of memories and feelings. We marvel at prospective; even in the depth of despair, we struggle, struggle and struggle for certain phantoms of significance until the inescapable exploit our struggle. Often, life seems much like a thread woven around tough and smooth. By the stretch of tough times, grief greases certain things you resonate with. However, in the most modest ways, it's a task to unravel the severity of situations, ease the haunting and striking illusions — it's as though during these phases of dark times we gasped on how to precisely hold on to life, push beyond boundaries, while also combating boredom to stay off memories of misfortunes.  More than that, there are tons of experiences that define the purpose of existence; something