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What the solitude of smoking and alcoholism looks like.

  You’re probably used to people telling you that smokers are liable to die young, but you rarely read a whiff of cigarettes translates to a higher risk of early death compared to people who don’t smoke at all. But while the regulations may have persuaded some folk not to light up a stick of cigar, many still completely go after smoking, drinking alcohol and all sorts of abuse of drugs — in spite of the risk involved in smoking. I am always saddened to hear the stories about the damage alcohol and drugs have done to young people who are just realizing their career. Like other heavy smokers, a young man in his twenties life was completely taken off by drug addiction, when his addiction strikes, it was so devastating to his family. To this day, his parents still feel bad for their sons lifetime been diminished by the toxins in cigarette smoking. On the flip side, one of the biggest fears for the modern human being is a silly and dangerous health precaution against smokers and people with