Suicide Prophesy and other Poems

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Suicide Prophesy

wipe you your tears with
the fantasy of cheerfulness 
to find repose & composure
— before hurting your petals.


Grief is the utensil that serves shock
enthralled by the vicious bites of pains
that hauls despair to the oasis of being

The shard of grief quakes misfortunes 
darting gloom to glow in dazzling gleams 
& tread of depression in spams of nostalgia

A glimpse of grief struts the brim of despair 
only the ones that forbid its vibration will annul
the implicit trauma that burns future efflorescence 

Cathedral of Misrule

this homeland has turned a sanctuary of paradoxes 
by the way authorities plucked our minds along the cathedral of misrule vent in carnage & lawlessness. 

always, camaraderie -of-arm radiates gloom to
our clime in way that luminance never found lights
they span constant wrath of unwarranted dismay. 

this fatherland has been cowered with the seeds 
of shattered plantations seemingly charred by the
wild breezes of tyrants in punctured growth.

alas! we will whirl brightness of brilliance to the dark 
& gloomy verdicts that delude our political sceneries 
spiking the monsters & demons that lace the cabinets 


The room was lit only by
a candle with gleaming lights
to split the sycamore of  darkness

the candle twinkle on 
brightness into luminous
reflections full of twinkling lights.

on the stroke of midnight.
I'd lit luminous candle in a tranquil silence;
to scribe the poetry I wish I could write.

— ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore


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