Portrait of heroism

Portrait of heroism 

Whenever my legs begin to tremble in slight regrets, 
frequently remembering the stigma of sour memories 
in repeated downfall without the sensation of victory 

Perhaps, I try beset my emptiness to ramp into a feat, 
while recalling the maternal myth of advice, words that ignite purge of tender resilience to keep me sane. 

On days my thoughts began to pounced on depression,
under the weight of contorted smiles in a lonely daze.
I will giggle the breath of sigh into ruffles of passion 

Like the sunlight of the evening rays, 
I will tilt to strip of resilience to flicker lights
when dark tunnel claim to carve my sights into blind

So, when awakened to the damnation of turmoil,
you could hang your bruises and desperation on the barricade of boldness & invocations to build a fortune 

Alao Afeez Oluwatamilore


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