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Portrait of heroism

Portrait of heroism  Whenever my legs begin to tremble in slight regrets,  frequently remembering the stigma of sour memories  in repeated downfall without the sensation of victory  Perhaps, I try beset my emptiness to ramp into a feat,  while recalling the maternal myth of advice, words that ignite purge of tender resilience to keep me sane.  On days my thoughts began to pounced on depression, under the weight of contorted smiles in a lonely daze. I will giggle the breath of sigh into ruffles of passion  Like the sunlight of the evening rays,  I will tilt to strip of resilience to flicker lights when dark tunnel claim to carve my sights into blind So, when awakened to the damnation of turmoil, you could hang your bruises and desperation on the barricade of boldness & invocations to build a fortune  Alao Afeez Oluwatamilore

Reflections: Getting the Pandemic Right

We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends, and living our lives. — Maya Angelou. I had spent over ‘four months’ at home without school as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) — a public health disaster that’s been devastating to nations while social lifestyle and productivity have fallen as targeted lockdowns in several countries disrupt educational sector as well as depriving congregational religion services. So, essentially there are other plans I had to be modified to fit into the COVID-19 new normal lifestyle. One of the quite major roles as a Nigerian student is that I have just earned is an improvement in literature (reading and writing) monumental moments to feel delighted with relatives and neighbors — moments sharing circumstances and experiences as the deadly virus trapped us in our house. In essence, my daily schedule while the Coronavirus creates us in a new form of being, a few days in L

Suicide Prophesy and other Poems

Suicide Prophesy wipe you your tears with the fantasy of cheerfulness  to find repose & composure — before hurting your petals. Grief Grief is the utensil that serves shock enthralled by the vicious bites of pains that hauls despair to the oasis of being The shard of grief quakes misfortunes  darting gloom to glow in dazzling gleams  & tread of depression in spams of nostalgia A glimpse of grief struts the brim of despair  only the ones that forbid its vibration will annul the implicit trauma that burns future efflorescence    Cathedral of Misrule this homeland has turned a sanctuary of paradoxes  by the way authorities plucked our minds along the cathedral of misrule vent in carnage & lawlessness.  always, camaraderie -of-arm radiates gloom to our clime in way that luminance never found lights they span constant wrath of unwarranted dismay.  this fatherland has been cowered with the seeds  of shattered plantations seemingly charred by the wild breezes of tyrants in punctur