The Earth Cries

The Earth cries

How on Earth did we get here?
When did we start judging people on how they look?
This is war of human against human,
No justification for any form of cruelty against humanity.

Why will our supposed guardians be the key to early grave?
Our trust in the state has become shaky,
We don't feel safe with cops anymore,
The social contract is highly overstressed.

The black dream still blur years Luther King,
Blood of blacks also count,
The lives of the blacks also matters,
No race is superior.

A rapist is indeed a lunatic of nature,
Only yes is yes,
Don't harbor it if you aren't doing it,
Tame the animal in you.

Don't force copulation on anyone,
Respect the right of others,
Satan wouldn't have done more if he exist,
Let the Lucifer in you repent.

 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL


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