Ramadan under Lockdown and Corona Virus

“…Is it not that Allah Exalted in Might  and owner of Retribution?...[Q, 39: 37]

Ramadhan is slightly different this year because of the dire time of Corona Virus bringing alterations to our daily life — we all miss congregation prayers, communal gathering like iftar and equally the evening communal prayer. We now maintain the isolation culture sequel to the government directive as a precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona Virus disease. Thus, as cruel as the pandemic,that doesn’t mean that Ramadan can't be as productive to Muslims as previous years. In fact, it's high time to reflect, reset, detoxify and rejuvenate our souls to pray and seek for goodness in this present life and hereafter.

No doubt we've been blessed with the presence of Ramadan — in all honesty, all we need now is to imbibe his teachings and seek Allah's help to alleviate our fears and distress from the shackles of the pandemic. Hence, even amidst the lockdown and quarantine, this dilemma shouldn't lead to the impression of turning away from Islam or any other faith we hold in conviction. Although, faith and religion are personal, and the relationship with man and his Creator is no doubt based on the tenets of intention and motives — within the context of Ramadan; it's declared to be a month of reflections and spiritual rebirth upon Muslims forthwith conscious piety in pristine words to worship.

However, in keeping with the current universal crisis, not limited to Muslim, we should severely seek: ‘...new heights in spiritual understanding and elevation...’ — towards great endeavor to commit ourselves to righteousness.It should be noted promptly to call on our individual concern that seeking true knowledge revolves around sincerity of concern to get evidence for the truth. In today's world, we should turn to encourage great moral knowledge to cut short ignorance and banish false views about religion.

Well, in this unusual time, we can take solace during this period to forget our past and with hope of becoming better individuals with sincere intention to please the Creator and sustainer of all creatures — part of what to gain in this glorious month of Ramadan is to evolve — making significant changes immensely through spiritual growth and rebirth.

Yet, in the midst of this hectic lifetime, we needs to optimize our potentials of earthly imaginations to conceive our dreamt goals — this lockdown period shouldn't diminish our dreams and aspirations. By chances, we need admired commitment to the injunctions of Allah and familiarize ourselves to the Holy Quran and rememberance of Allah — the act of making Dhirk (rememberance of Allah) — affirming His attributes to intensify our acts of worship.

So, amidst the pandemic, let ensure we remain positive and rebound with our faiths and most importantly maintain common humanity — and make strive to reach greater heights in spiritual understanding. In today world, we must fosters a sense of humility and solidarity during this challenging time — it is critical we incorporate the medical precautions and preventive measures. Stay safe and healthy!

Ramadan Mubarak to you!

ALAO,Afeez Oluwatamilore.


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