Home by Abdullateef Ridwanullah


Having been away from home for a while, the euphoria of returning to his source gripped him as the roof his father's house came to sight. He didn't know how to feel;sad that he left school or happy that he was finally returning home? Anyway,the feeling didn't matter at that point. What mattered was that he was finally going to see "his people".

As he entered the sitting room, a familiar aroma of love welcomed him. He could see himself being engulfed by love radiating from the faces of his beloved ones. The sitting room with its familiar cream colour mixed with brown and crimson at various points smiled at him through its walls. The curtains covering the windows and doors joined in the welcome by dancing to the cool breeze that followed him into the house.

In few minutes, the sitting room became lively as everyone at home came to welcome him back into the household after being away for quite a long period of time. The show of love overwhelmed him to the extent that it was difficult to determine whether the fatigue he was experiencing then was caused by the journey or the overwhelming love itself. Whatever, the feeling was absolutely amazing.

 "What would you like to eat now?", his sister inquired, trying to pull off his shoes for him.

 "Let me get him a cold bottle of water. He must be seriously dehydrated now", one of his brothers said, before he could give a response.

His mum dashed into the kitchen to prepare a meal for him. He could sense the delicious aroma of the food, even before she started preparing it. She had been "killing" them with it right from childhood. He knew that one wasn't going to be "less killing".

As he unbuttoned his bright-coloured shirt, different thoughts travelled across his mind.

 "Is there anywhere like home?"

“Is home a place or feeling, or a synergy of both?"

“Can I get a ‘home’ after outside this home?


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