dis- ABILITY by Lawal Sultan


We crawl towards our goals,
Limbing to make ends meet,
Life is to hard for the blind see,
The cruelty of the world is so loud for the deaf to hear.

Nature has made us laughing stock,
We become second fiddle right from birth,
Treated like we're less humans,
The world have make us synonymous with alms.

The clear definition of God forbid,
Source of sadness to Father,
Disgrace to mother,
Life itself is not fair.

Just like a game of soccer,
One goal down from inception,
If in the end we live right,
Our creator will indeed be proud of us.

It's more like a sign of God's mightiness ,
We'll triumph eventually through perseverance,
There is ability in disability,
The world is how you perceive it

Lawal Sultan


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