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dis- ABILITY by Lawal Sultan

dis-ABILITY We crawl towards our goals, Limbing to make ends meet, Life is to hard for the blind see, The cruelty of the world is so loud for the deaf to hear. Nature has made us laughing stock, We become second fiddle right from birth, Treated like we're less humans, The world have make us synonymous with alms. The clear definition of God forbid, Source of sadness to Father, Disgrace to mother, Life itself is not fair. Just like a game of soccer, One goal down from inception, If in the end we live right, Our creator will indeed be proud of us. It's more like a sign of God's mightiness , We'll triumph eventually through perseverance, There is ability in disability, The world is how you perceive it Lawal  Sultan

Ramadan under Lockdown and Corona Virus

“…Is it not that Allah Exalted in Might  and owner of Retribution?...[Q, 39: 37] Ramadhan is slightly different this year because of the dire time of Corona Virus bringing alterations to our daily life — we all miss congregation prayers, communal gathering like iftar and equally the evening communal prayer. We now maintain the isolation culture sequel to the government directive as a precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona Virus disease. Thus, as cruel as the pandemic,that doesn’t mean that Ramadan can't be as productive to Muslims as previous years. In fact, it's high time to reflect, reset, detoxify and rejuvenate our souls to pray and seek for goodness in this present life and hereafter. No doubt we've been blessed with the presence of Ramadan — in all honesty, all we need now is to imbibe his teachings and seek Allah's help to alleviate our fears and distress from the shackles of the pandemic. Hence, even amidst the lockdown and quarantine

Home by Abdullateef Ridwanullah

Home. Having been away from home for a while, the euphoria of returning to his source gripped him as the roof his father's house came to sight. He didn't know how to feel;sad that he left school or happy that he was finally returning home? Anyway,the feeling didn't matter at that point. What mattered was that he was finally going to see "his people". As he entered the sitting room, a familiar aroma of love welcomed him. He could see himself being engulfed by love radiating from the faces of his beloved ones. The sitting room with its familiar cream colour mixed with brown and crimson at various points smiled at him through its walls. The curtains covering the windows and doors joined in the welcome by dancing to the cool breeze that followed him into the house. In few minutes, the sitting room became lively as everyone at home came to welcome him back into the household after being away for quite a long period of time. The show of love overwhelmed him to