The Autarch by LAWAL Sultan

The Autarch

They ask us to give back to the society,
We should groom the next warlords,
Training those who will put us out of business,
Should we invest in something that will be our nightmare?

Oh! You can now afford to wear agbada,
People now see me as agbaya,
It is you against me on the ballot,
You now throw shades at the hand that once fed you.

Our days in power are numbered,
Nothing in life is permanent,
Power is indeed transient,
The exist door is there to be utilized.

What ever has a start must one day end,
It's left for one to land safely or crash-land,
A good life is not about wealth amassing,
A fulfilled life is one that has positive impacts on others.

What we the masses seek is our right,
Our leaders mix rights with privilege and make it scares,
If our today is shaky don't kill our future,
Our reality is bitter don't soil our dreams.

✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL
FB: Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497
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