We Bleed by Lawal Sultan.

We Bleed 

When are we having our world back,
When will the fear factor vanish,
When next are we having our congregational...
When will the much underated peace return.

For how long do we keep the isolation,
Being wary of family and strangers,
How long will the global holiday take,
We are concurrently stocking food and ammunitions.

The world economy going aground,
A global recession almost is in sight,
Animalistic tendencies in human setting in,
Desperation might soon become the order of the day.

I pray we don't come out of this facing a world war,
The economic crisis might linger in to anarchy,
We don't want to experience another colonisation,
We need to fight this as one world.

Oh Lord we fear this is getting solitary....
Please come to our aid like you've always done,
The earth bleeds from all ends,
May humanity overcome this.

✍šŸ¾ Sultan Babatunde LAWAL
E-mail: lawalsultan@gmail.com
FB: Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497
Photo credit: Dreamstime.com.


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