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THE God's Must be Crazy

THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY -BlackPoet behind their telling tongues lies their thirsty throats behind their bleeding bellies lies their battered bluffs behind their hungry huts lies their haunted houses behind their ramshackle revelations lies their rebellious rhetorics behind their pleading plates lies their pitying plagues behind their stagnant stares lies their soothing seers Olowo Qudus (BlackPoet)


Love = Tolerance In the book of lies they say, I love you is the first chapter, Love exist but just like religion, It isn't what you think it is. Let's use tolerance more often than love, Love is steady sounding ordinary, Why on earth will one murder his/her love, Why not say I'll tolerate you instead of love. It feels like when we say for better... It means when it's better for others, And when it is worst for us, Making one sided love voguish. We only stick to love when beneficial, Acting worst like the devil during little adversity, Saying it's the devil's handwork, Meanwhile the devil couldn't have done worst. Tolerate people as no one is flawless, Eye for an eye will only make us all blind, We all make mistakes, Love should always prevail by mutual tolerance. ✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL E-mail: FB: Lawal Sultan


MISSIVES BEHIND THE CURTAIN Sprint On your mark-set-go, The finishing line is all I have in mind, Be motivated to always give more, Don't be distracted in anyway. Sprint into destiny, Pop hard when necessary, Safe your energy when required, Stay fit for the task always. Be on track, Never loose focus, Take out hurdles in sequence, Preparation is key. Every challenge is important, Build your endurance, Overcome all hindrances, Be humbly courageous. Give it all it takes, Be prepared to strive in isolation, Only the celebration is expected to be crowded, Consistency is key. ✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL E-mail: