Rant 002



When you allow devil
to ascend the throne
Of your mind,
he galvanizes over your sky.

When you let the demon in you
afflict mortality
You let difficulties arouse; and
your hope towards the moon
becomes a myth.

It is unwise of him; a future king
to exchange
his father's ancestral throne
for a penny
with those men of suits,
when his people
are suffering of amnesias,
how will he govern them
when they're healed?

when chasing the moon
Don't stop in the house of stars.
when running after excellence
Don't settle behind mediocrity.

Alas!....float your self
from the flat of the sphere
rescue your soul
from that sloppy jungle
rise your self, from
the fall of the lead
save your future nation
from this wise omen.

— I am Abdulrouf Wasiu


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