The Crown

The Crown

Let's wear the crown.
The crown is Devine.
God owns the crown.
Anything Godly is purified.

Hate is filth.
Hypocrisy is impure.
Backbiting is a stumbling block.
Don't obstruct your route to success.

Always aim and prepare for the crown.
Royalty comes with maturity
You won't grow by bringing others down.
We all can be Kings in our respective rights.

Let's King (key) into fresh opportunities.
The crown comes with hard work.
We persevere to attain the crown.
Honesty and loyalty are fortunes.

Give always with sealed lip.
Help others as you look up to the almighty for help.
Always wear the crown in whatever you do.
Wear the crown and show royalty always.

✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL


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