As we hold hands walking on the street, the man in the best of chariots looks on with envy.

Who ever wrongs you shall experience my trouble as he who slaps the son of a witch shall bear the wrath of the entire witchcraft.

In the midst of violence, I want to be your peace.

In the turbulence period, I want to be the help.

In the middle of the cold night I desire to be your shelter.

As the sun shines from a distinct direction, I'll do more than car owner at the junction.

Women are indeed weakness, you're the reason why at night I stay sleepless.

When the horse sleeps it dreams of race, i dream about you in magnificent pace.

What more can be intoxicating to a man than a woman whose sight makes you speak in tongues.

Hold my hands let's fly in freedom like the birds of the sky.

Let our lips become one and the flame of our love blow up beyond what gravity can handle thereby destroying the ozone layer of doubts.

Life is indeed a warfront, in togetherness we'll conquer all hudles like the great Alexandra.

You light up my world more than the payed power holders light up the town.

We'll be in the best of places enjoying the beauty of nature and paying homage to wealth residual where necessary.

Late in evening we'll be at etunrere river enjoying the calmness of nature.

During the festive period we'll be at ajina (itunmoja) watching the display of Agemo.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan.


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