Enticing is the aroma of  ọbẹ egusi
Awaiting the pounded yam in pestles 
Like the sun laid the shade
Where blessed is the plate of Iyán & egusi.

Iyán; white pounded yam meal
Where with the belly-timber morsel -
Garnished with the ẹja dín dín & ìjèbú pòmó
In the delicious egusi soup
Crowned with the chilled dewy wine
To clatter the thrill of spices trolls

Atop is the meal of iyán
To resolve the pain of famished Tantalus
Yet, with every morsel of iyan
Is the melodic stir of ballad 
Throating a gratitude satiety

Tasting nutritious is the Iyán & egusi
Pouring sobbed heart abroad
And the sacred hunger into bowel of satiation
Where pinched for food is no longer the torment
—take iyan!



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