Detrimental Inhalation

Detrimental Inhalation.

Why must I be forced –
to put in between my lip
a flammable stick that destroy
the balance of my life?

Smokers –
 smoking the cigar’
that scatters the mindscape
with long-drawn inhalation
that swoons the soul pass through bonfire graveyard

Smoker's are liable to die young 
that solemn tunes; runs through like an illusion,
but finally lay sadness to their emotions
and all that night in great health disease affliction.

Smoker's are liable to ill-fated death –
with every stick of cigarette; burns a sob
exhaling the cigar burnt flame to borne a sob story
the hemp, so peril, and bore life to scorn
and breath turn parcels of bosom turmoil

Smoker's; smoking hurts and pain –
in the wild flame whose inhalation
carries the fragments of foul emotion
and unleashes a tide of anguish; and breath bleeds
into shards of unease breathing - an emotional ruin

Cigar', take the smoker to endless blight
particularly drags into a flammable field 
that could explode like a dynamite
having set the smoker on fire to lost allure for lucre detrimental to the health and wellness.

— AfeezWrites


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