Rant 001


Sky brutally react to release waterloo
Dwelling stars in the swollen frame
Nature went doom amidst turbulence
And breaks the wall of residual waiters

During the sermon of amusement
Endless enclosure of immortal bloom
Overrides the skin of glowing rainbow
Ease is the permanent stay of time

Displeasure in the chapter of peace
Drops the note of similar bygone
And bid a farewell to enactive dance
Silence makes the eyes opened to stupor.

It is very long on the log of time
That mouth opened a laughter, and
Puts smile on that fragile face
That all went doom and became void.

In a moment, through the gaze at cloud
Mucus mines a maiming murmurs of mime
Crying of a sadist fellow enters the calm sky
And brought down a new eagle of peace

Jungles and narrow highways smiles
The gate of sadness meets its closure
His plead is a sacrifice to overlook their sins
As the boredom went broken into dust of ashes

I am Abdulrouf Wasiu


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