If Nigeria was a Book.

If Nigeria was a book 
her story will be strange than a fiction.
& her glory would be seemed to be an illusion
the tale is that; the tragedy of corruption -
over creation and even distribution
had rolled our nation into degradation

If Nigeria was a book
i shall be reading with a sigh,
because our democracy has loose it values -
& good governance is no longer at ease
things had fallen apart; tears 

If Nigeria was a book
it'll probably strange to read
by the way the writers & reviewer's
now filled the epistle with fangs 
where no one now read, frightened

If Nigeria was a book
what will you do with her knowledge
full of scars and stars? Nigeria
our independence now give 
fifty - nine years than been independence
where subsistence & freedom are by gone

If Nigeria was a book
by zeal & interest in our spirit
unmanageable to reading
of unappreciated on writer's & poet deeds
into a spilled educational & literary development

And then; if Nigeria was a book
i would find my way to read
in redefining our noble cause
upward & onwards; from -
where the milk & honey are hidden
around the valley of politards
that starves us so long by those group of moth
— then let it come to past. I pray!

— AfeezWrites.


  1. If Nigeria was a book
    I would have been a author to write my part.
    May God bless your pen


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