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That Gift... I stand to recognize that gift – Firmly to meet the course destined, And appropriately doing virtuous deed. To hit the star! — AfeezWrites The glowing sun with deific look, Appeared pleasing and good A donjon I yearn for ! With sacred heart calling on to thy conceiver – Whayzeman I yearn for the tower - With great desire, Under tender heart of positive thoughts. To reach new possibilities, For that Gift, that Glory- God given! — AfeezWrites For that gift of life, My ardor arose like a fanciful rose With my shoulders high without wing, To the voluminous height of contingency – Whayzeman With that gift- The soul grow in grace Brings forth joy to life Yet, for that gift- Acknowledge the Supreme being _God To bestow the parcel of gift, Not to impart grief and gulp. _AfeezWrites Running towards him soliciting for gift Which brings peace hereon, That parcel of gift, Which I apprehend as a destined gift without grief. – Wha