___My Specs__
I like them thick and
Brown skinned,
Endowed, caring and alluring,
But i never for once checked myself,
Will I ever be anyone's spec.

Yes I do tell people my specs,
But have I ever done enough to have what it takes to add value to others,
We live a life where we are too busy with other people's flaws,
Seeking perfection in imperfect people.

What is your contribution to humanity,
When everyone wants to take without giving,
Then we are all thieves of nature,
Forgetting everyone is unique in their way.

Work on yourself and let others have peace,
If they can't be your specs let them be,
Sometimes what you crave is the opposite of your person,
Hypocrisy seems to have taken over.

Let people be what they wish,
What you can't find in others then be,
Let everyone bear their cross,
If you eventually find your specs what do they stand to benefit from you.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan


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