Misery of Life 

Life of an hunter,
prowling incalcucably,
scared of the vultures grave.
His black gun jetterily squinting
the forest.The implicature
of lions tail behind him
heftily beats his mind.

The gift of gab
a teacher sweats to share.
All his knowledge for you...
You sit while his fingers
saunters severally on the board.
Do you think he doesn't
want to know more know more?

A new creature is born,
lovers pray for just life,
life and life.
Still death doesn't spare him .
In the same sake ,they struggle
for him .After all prayers !
Death last longest.

Zero hour of trees appear green,
I have seen
them with leaves that grin ,
their fruits tasting as sin.
Suddenly ,the leaves fall , growing yellow,
status quo the fruits allow
tongues ,we feel the urge
not knowing, leaves are yellow
because they threw up the sponge.

The Almighty said the faithful disciples
will be soul of trees.
No hurray for tree yet!
Know now that some leaves ,branches
don't see the ripe fruits .
You will die for others
so will I.
Get up steam.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

This piece says the truth about the world,we seem to understand things by its face but the world's activities is filled with idioms that we have to put in our palms though rationalism .


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