' Hurray For These Crowns 

Oh what a dung vision !
Tumbling and matching our decision,
our knowledge almost as murderers,
our wisdom hungry as girlie gathers.

Winsalamuses ran in hot wisdom
till these mighty kingdom
of Mr. Taiwo and Mr. YR Humble,
feeding our snails, burning each stumble.
Let me confess,
Aristotle told me years till now,
the sweetness of fess,
these years are now.

These two regal crowns,
turned coffins on Winsalamuses to Cannan towns.
Let me speak
and may the Lord quickly tick
my mildly bleeding emotions.

May your visions see recognition,
may your ground love your desire,
may the world be blessed by you,
if Legions will die, it will be by your words.

If words leave the mouth,
know they remain in the stomach,
my pen is not enough for the grand 
jet of your wisdom.

Winsalamuses appreciates you.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.
STRIDA ( Striking Ideas )


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