Episode 4

My conversations from time to time, with Comrade President was characterized with assurance of no alteration of the fixed date on one side and commitment to attend on the other. I did not only attended the event on the said day. I also ensure my punctuality. The theme was "BEYOND THE WALLS OF THE CLASS". The turnout was impressive and the response of the crowd towards the lecture was satisfactory. The program was in two fold of lecture and panelist session. Immidiately after the lecture we began with the other segment which is the panelist session. A question was thrown in the panelist session on weather or not education is still the key to success. I submitted that education is still the key to success but it's not the master key it used to be. So therefore everyone will will have to open the door to success in a way which is different from others. Besides you need more than a key to live comfortably in a house. My advice for you all is just make sure you do all it takes to make it in life with or without anyone's help.

She took it from where I stopped. Sir you said we should do anything it takes to make it in life. You mean including yahoo-yahoo (all the students burst into laughter). I smiled on getting the microphone back. I won't give you a direct answer to that but I'll equip you with somethings and leave you to draw your personal inferences. The European adventure of the land of the black, before colonialism was more of been tourist oriented. But as soon as the reports of the exercise starts to unfold. Their government took over the whole thing and turned it into business (parasitic). Till today we still suffer the consequences of the irreparable damages. Many have argued that if we were cheated during the colonial adventure it must have been due to the gullibility of our forefathers. I must say that it pure hypocrisy because we can also say the whites falling victims of internet scam are only been stupid.

Let me give you an instance. In Guusu the region  I come from many able men willing and ready to work years after graduating they still survive on their parent's income. This is same parents that sent them to school. Did you know how it feels like after financing a child through higher institution he/she graduated and is still a burden to you because of dependency. Meanwhile we have other parents who raised money to buy a laptop and give their teens to go learn internet fraud. Some go outside the country to learn it and in less than a year such child is making enough money to cater for the needs of the family. Now draw your inference where will you rather send your ward to? School where nothing seems guaranteed after years of labour or yahoo-yahoo where things look roasy and working.

Are you saying yahoo-boys are not criminals one of the students protested? I never said scammers are not criminals. Neither did I say corruption is not stealing. But do you know there is even a more deadlier crime on campus that you all treat with kid's gloves. Cultism ! Are you aware that Baiye Adebowale puts it to the government years back that cultism has killed more people than HIV/AIDS but no one really cares. Most of you that go on social media to lash out at yahoo-boys know the highest that will happen is a blooking spree. Non of you will do same to cultists because you know it will degenerate to assault and even more. You all know the cultists on campus but pretend not to. You make friends with them and even tip them once in a while. Their numbers are are saved up in your phones in case of emergencies (just like 911, 767, 112, etc). Having it in mind that they will be useful materials in the raining days. You hail them when you see them. We've seen situation where Student's union pay cultist groups on monthly basis yet they know how much threat the groups pose to the students they are elected to protect.

Kindly read Episode 5

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