Episode 5

But surely this so called _yahoo-boys_  do have negative effects on the economy of our country. My brother you say what?  I don't know your definition of negative effects, but I think you should try to see the list of  figures of cars bought by the entire country last year. You will see how high the figures are and I think you should agree with me that if you remove the total number of cars bought by government at all levels for it officials, those boys ( _yahoo-boys_ )  bought the bulk of the cars. Only an illiterate wouldn't know the influence that has on the economy.

Permit me to make reference to where I come from (Guusu). The majority of the so called female entrepreneurs are either selling overpriced hairs or clothes (female). How do you think their low earning customers manage to patronize them? if not for their rich ( _yahoo-boys_ ) boyfriends.  There is a joke in town about politicians stealing money at home only to waste it abroad. But _yahoo-boys_ steal money abroad and lavish it at home. Also let's ask ourselves all the money recovered so far has it been returned to the original owners. Or is it another national cake for  government officials. 

I rounded the speech up at the lecture with the saying "Having money is vanity, not having is also vanity, you all are advised to choose your vanity wisely." On coming out from the event the officers of the Anti-curruption agency has already barricaded the whole place. They have a warrant to invite me to their office for reasons best known to themu. Alas they were surprised how they were denied access to me by men in uniform. The anti-curruption officers tried to talk to the men. Even the principle of espirit de corps didn't hold sway as it fell on the their deaf ears. I was conveyed to the airport where I took a return flight back to Crystal Empire. 

Mama came visiting not knowing I had gone back. The plan initially was to stay for weeks but I have to change my mind when I got the intelligent information about the anti-corruption agency's invitation . Where is my son she asked. He said he needs to travel back to attend to something urgent Oritsebemigho answered . Ewele!!! mama exclaimed. Now you've gotten to a stage where you now keep my son away from me?  The rivalry between the two had been on for a while though. Mama doesn't buy the idea of a woman who her dowry is yet to be paid. Moving in and start living under the same roof with a man. She forbids acting like a wife or husband when you are actually not. She said repeatedly you young men of these days remain broke because you act and perform the responsibilities of a husband long before you begin your family. This women are only interested in money. But she was there when I had nothing was my favorite reply . Mama always say this is the "father Christmas generation" you men act like OK foundation while the girls behave like orphans. What is the parable with OK foundation and orphans ma?. Ogunbanbi Kehinde (OK) Foundation is a NGO that caters for the less privileged. 

Kindly read Episode 6

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan


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