Episode 2
I was a graduate with high level of disdain for internet fraud and it perpetrators. Having stayed for about 6 years after graduation without a good job, I was open to the reality of life. If you can't beat them, arrange for them to be beaten up or join them. The latter was what I found solace in. It always seems as if the whole world was against me as it become obvious that a broke man has no friend. After much persuasion from friends, family and bae and considering the fact my position as the first son of the family is under serious threat. Since  it has started to look like I'm the black sheep of the family, that moment when you are been used to gauged the level of poverty in your locality and you are the barometer people use In calculating the level at which someone is unsuccessfulI. I gave in to learning the scheme from a younger cousin who is stinkingly rich. Alas I started the business and in less than 3 months I picked the first cash from one of the first set of jobs. The transaction worth $10,000, I was very appreciative of my kid cousin without whom my journey to a new life would be impossible. In return he said Big brother the way we do it is if a boy that is still in office pick he will buy foodstuffs to the office, take guys out to flex, settle the boss and the rest of the money will be his. Due to the bond between us, he said I should take the whole money from the transaction, since he understood me and my predicament more than anyone. Thank you so much blood I should start saving up now I said, he burst into laughter and I can't help but to ask why the laugh. Bros you want to save? Yahoo boys do not have savings as you pick this cash everyone in town already knows, if they don't see the land or car or house you spend the money on they will start coming to you to borrow money since it seems like it is not been put to use by you. The guys In the office are not left out, they will take a loan from you to buy for themselves that which you have failed to do for yourself with the money. Okay bro I'll invest it in something, he smiled knowing fully well that most of them don't invest into business because of the fear of forfeiture by the government anytime they have issues that they are unable to buy their way out of. An assertion which is a bit funny because someone who can buy  cars worth millions of naira and build houses is afraid  to invest in business. If an investment can be seized who says the expensive cars and houses won't be seized as well.

I have come into the internet fraud business with the hope of making enough money and then backing out soon. So as to establish myself in something legal. Indeed that is the thought of a man who is yet to strike the first deal. When Pastor Chris  said their are somethings you do that guarantees you do more, he must have had me either In mind or vision.

Definition of term:
Office : in this context, office is mostly a flat belonging to or rented by a veteran scammer or gang leader of fraudsters. He teaches and help other upcoming lads grow for about a year or two before they become Independent. By the time they leave the office to set up their own brand, they would have learnt all forms of internet scam from dating to military, aparte (apartment) and most importantly wire.

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