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Sometimes we begin to ponder, if it is the society that has failed us, or we who failed the society. The end will surely justify the means, but we must ensure the means inturn glorify the end.

Episode 1

Oritsebemigho is a lady who lived in the slump area of Olua In Guusu region of Jaguda Republic. She attended both primary and secondary school in Olua. She grew up to many societal ills and all agents and means of socialization she passed through seems currupted right from when her brain was a tabular raze. In an area where sport bet is seen and regarded as youth empowerment scheme and internet scam is the only route to been comfortably rich. She grew up to seeing domestic violence and assault as norms. A relationship to her is one of the most lucrative thing a woman can venture into. If a guy truly loves you he must at least once in a while give you a sound slap, this is because a woman by nature is a nagging entity and tends to misbehave (going offline in her words) once in a while. So a guy that loves you will once in a while bring you back to your senses through violent means occasionally. When she was attending the higher institution going into a lovely relationship will not be an option except the person is very rich. If B boyfriend can buy her a car, if C boyfriend can open a business for her then why should hers be an exception? Why would she still be wallowing in penury.

At age 22 she was in a relationship that seems serious, seriousness not because of the amount of love involved alone, but because of the number of cash extended to it as well as other sacrifices. The relationship was characterized by a high level of cheating from both sides especially the boy, he couldn't just hold on to his jingle bell and rings it periodically for any girl and at anytime. The believe is women are moneycentric and it will be the act of  foolishness for a young rich guy not to flirt around with different types of girls, chop life so life no go chop you as the saying goes. For her she seems not to be promiscous even though she cheats but the problem is sometimes you just have to forget about the notion "eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind" and pay people back in their coin. If he can cheat, she can also do the same as a way of retaliation. Also if he makes her sad over things like prospects of marriage or maltreatment arising from excessive beating she will at that moment need a guy that will make her happy at that material time. Although leaving her boyfriend will not be an option as they will settle later. So many guys are out there but getting a rich one who will willingly spend on her like he does may be hard. Leaving certainty for uncertainty is not an option but trying both side by side is lot better and if the later fails she can hold on firmly to the former.

Down in Guusu, internet scam isn't something anyone hides. If you are a G-boy everyone knows about it, even your parents and it interest one to know why it is so ? As a young man (Efemena) who grew up in Ughetubu area of Guusu, I also had my fair share  of the conundrum in the preface about who failed who? between we and the  society. As the story unfolds subsequently one will have to take a side for or against the social maladies drawing infrences by reading the lines,  perusing between the lines and comprehending beyond the lines.

Kindly read Episode 2

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan


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