______I miss you______
     Beautiful rhymes

With you everything seems good,
Your love nourishes like food,
I long for the way you light up my mood,
The times you smiled the world just stood.

My baby my honey my lover,
I can't ever leave you to suffer,
I miss my pain killer my problem solver,
You gave me memories I can't get over.

I'm forever loyal to my boo,
I will always be grateful to have you,
I don't mind if giving too much love is a taboo,
You've caged my heart like the lion in a zoo.

I will do anything just to have you,
I will go anywhere just to see you,
I will do anyhow just to please you,
I wish the whole world can be like you.

I pray it ends in joy and laughter,
Love now and wonderful kids after,
What the rest of the world says won't really matter,
It you and I forever like wakanda in panther.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan
E-mail: lawalsultan@gmail.com


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