______Fire Brigade______

They only call you when you are needed,
Nobody has your back if it's not beneficial to them,
No one invites officers of fire service in their sweet moments,
Once there is fire outbreak we all remember.

No champion for life,
You can't reign forever,
Never feel too important at any point,
Don't be surprise if someone else is been rallied round tomorrow.

Always do what is best for humanity,
Humanity first always,
No one is indispensable,
What goes around comes around.

People will help you lick your palm oil drenched hand,
No one licks your finger when it is covered with blood,
No one is bothered if fire service outlet catches fire,
We are too concerned about ourselves and things we gain from.

Expect the least from everyone,
All friendship seems unconditional till you see beyond,
We all claim no strings attached,
Self love is the best love.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan


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