Nowadays youths and school pupils often make faulty decisions that affects their dear lives. The decision making process of human is very crucial to one's life and goal. Many decisions people make are not thoroughly decided, judged or well consulted giving to huge challenge at the end.

Indecision, the inability to make a good decision to a particular course of action which can hamper ones progress to man or leads to lethargy.

The problem of indecision is debilitating and having a devastating effects. The menace of indecision could be attached to lack of self actualization, self confidence and the inability to reach a good conclusion about an issue. It should be reminded that been indecisive degrades ones potentiality and destroys ones peace of mind which may lead to fatigue or depression.

Furtherance, the ability to make a good decision is very crucial towards youths career, future prospect and greatness in life. As failure to make a good decision creates the chances to hateworthy, worrisome and often the lack of self evaluation as a result of anxiety which will lead to inner conflict, a situation that may instill fear and gets one befuddled and depressed.

In conclusion, one needs to make a good decision and self esteemed. For instance, if a student feels despondent about a situation. It's advisable for such to consult a counselor or a trusted guardian or parents in other not to get perilous and fuzzed. Therefore, the habit of indecisiveness should be refuted and shunned.

_ALAO, Afeez.



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