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Life will be a better place if we can respect our person and also do well  to respect others. For long do you keep the extravagance of playing the ostrich, which buries its head in the sand and thinks others are not seeing her because she is not seeing them.


During my primary school days a rumour circulated round the school that some primary-3 pupils (boys) are getting the hair dryer reception from the Head teacher, their offence been that they were caught peeping in-between the legs of the female pupils. Some of the female pupils have been noticing them for a while but keep mute, but they have to speak out when the incessant bending over the chair amount to been substantial proofs.

When the boys were interrogated they confessed it was a team work, as they all agreed once any of them sees a lady that is not seating properly (with open legs), the person should chant picture-picture, while others reply by saying Honda (under) accord as they bend over to feed their eyes. Prior to that time the girls have asked the meaning of the chant but they got deceived that it was an old film.

Little did I know all of these was a proverbial tale, but with time I get to understand, my sister (s) when you open up easily or become a free giver people often see and
you for a ride, nothing is hidden under the sun, when they call your picture others will want to ride your Honda (under) accord.

Show some respect to the dignity of the women.
✍🏽 Lawal Sultan
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