______Dear self______

You've not come this far for exhibition sake,
Times where responsibilities can be shelved are bygone,
The moment the whole world anticipate is here,
No one ever said it's this scary.

The echoes of childhood are fast disappearing,
No problem is ever solved with tales by moonlight,
The era where you live the years but someone else shoulder the expenses has passed,
You live and spend it now.

Take decisions with objectivity,
But later be subjective to your objective decisions,
Don't wait for opportunities but creat it,
The impossible happens everyday.

Everyone counts,
Each moment means a lot,
Dedication is key,
Patience (not laziness) is virtue

Don't be comfortable with the status quo,
Success exist outside your comfort zone,
The pains of yesteryears becomes the strength of today,
May be the efforts of today will be the source of tomorrow's blessings.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan
FB: Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497.


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