Confront your fears,
Conquer your doubts,
Energize your pride in front of difficulties,
Massage your ego when things seems uncertain.

Keep sailing till you get to Isreal,
Going back to Egypt should never be an option,
Challenge should be a means and never your last bus stop,
In your quest for greatness never take your mind off the goal.

Exams (challenges) are meant to be passed or failed,
No one comes out of it facing firing squad,
All grades are obtainable based on performance and luck,
Be less concern about pebbles when diamond is the target.

Strive so hard as good things attracts more of it,
Bad results attracts more failure,
Luck comes to those that works like luck never exist,
When a man says yes his god concur.

Share ideas with people as it straighten your knowledge,
No one can strip you of what you know,
You learn more by letting put your perception about issues,
It's a struggle to conquer the challenge and not a competition among  friends.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan


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