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Zoe Black Mermaid under her pink veil
Blissful to her kind, the loins to grab
For, I met her in the rays’ atmosphere of a sunny day
My echoing heart whisper me to love


I stood before her boldly
But she antagonises strongly
Making all night a plight


Steeping my ego towards her everyday
Her cinematographic ringtones
Never seize to sound at the peak of every hour
Wait!  Am I the only one in love?


She infuses defeat
Growing in wild affection
Entwined in wretched love
We become lads and lasses of miserable
_love of loss_


In the den of wretched love
Shine unsteadily in dwindled emotions
Battered in world of my unreal fantasies
I’m the tiger whose days of loving is about to halt.


I do adore
But she disdain.
Not knowing I'm in love of a tigress
In the den of wretched love.


©AfeezWrites et IBBwrites


  1. A good piece of literature. Kudos to the two writers. I hope to see more of your collaboration.

  2. Thanks @Mr Owiwi
    I hope to have one with you some day.


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