Firstly, I'd like to appreciate my father. Like mom taught us, that after God is her husband. My father is worthy of emulation, the greatest amongst fathers. Though you're no more,😭 but you will forever remain in our heart baami.

What would I compare my mother with?
The only courtyard that doesn't let us go hungry,
My mother,till today,one who covers us with cloth everyday,
She's a woman that's always ready for the future.

didn't let me forget that 'today' will surely become 'yesterday',
She made me realized 'tomorrow will surely become
She's the velvet that covered me during cold,
She's umbrella that protected me under the sun.

If not for the word of my mother,
Probably would have been ruined.

A child who lived under my mother roof, but not wise,
If such child lives in God's courtyard he will never be wise.

She weaves words to make us do the right things,
Because her words make us feel sore everyday,
I know, nobody came to this world without a mother,
But, if there's a child who doesn't cherish her mother,
Such person is expecting God's wrath,
We should have leave deity and worship mother,
Because no deity like her,
Mother is the child's confidant,

The first Advocate I know before the senior Advocate.
Love you mom.

PS; this is to Appreciate our mothers, no one like them, let's show them love, there's nothing we can do to repay our mom they're just too wonderful, moreso,appreciate your father that gave you the best mom.

Copyright@oluwaranti zee.
Oluwaranti zee.


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