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Sultan B. Lawal.

Episode 4

Bayo was crowned the 16th king of their land after the demise of his father.
About five years later, the Mogaji's wife had challeged a man seating in front of their house thinking he might probably be laying siege or may be he is a kidnapper since she can see two kids (a boy and a girl) with him, who are you and what are you doing here she asked the man, he replied that my wife asked me to wait for her here, this is my wife's village he explained, we were both coming together but on getting here, she told me this is the Mogaji's house and it would be inappropriate into this locality without paying homage to the Mogaji, so my wife asked me to seat here with the kids while she gets someone around to inform her mother and sibling to join us here, so we can all pay homage to the Mogaji before going to their place, what is her name the Mogaji's wife inquired, she's Iyanu by name he replied, Iyanu omo Iya Imole? she said shocking, yes she told me her mother is called Iya Imole, but hope no problem the man asked as he was curious of her reactions, no problem, they should be here in no time, you're free to wait for them here, welcome to our village she added.

Immediately the Mogaji got the information, he sent for every elder and active youths In the locality to be present in his house in no time, the man was asked to explain what led him there of which he did, these are our children, Iyanu mother burst into tears, a powerful wind blew immediately and Anuoluwa couldn't get herself anymore, she started to roll in pains saying I'll confess, I'll confess.... confess what the villagers asked, Anuoluwa started overflowing like a spoilt tap, how Orelope narrated her dreams to her and how she felt aggrieved and jealous then single handedly killed Iyanu and she told her when perpetrating the evil, that she's doing this for Orelope and for the deity of friendship, this is why Iyanu was trying to call Orelope's name on the verge of giving up the ghost because she actually did no evil to Orelope nor Anuoluwa.

The Mogaji thanked God for Iyanu's mother, you didn't loose it all in the end, God who gave you a bald hair has also given you bears as a replacement, the Mogaji posited that everyone should learn from this, do not judge or make conclusions without concrete proof this was the case of Orelope who adjudged Bayo to be poor, Anuoluwa who thinks Iyanu was a potential murderer and the village youth who falsely alleged Orelope as a killer thereby executing her in the process. Iyanuoluwa was handed to the law enforcement agency immediately.

The end.
God bless you abundantly for your time and support.

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