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Episode 3

Some of the youth in the community on hearing about the event that sorrounds the death of Iyanu thinks this is wickedness at it climax, on her wedding day of all days, they all matched to Orelope's house in annoyance, she must be the murderer they thought since Iyanu tried calling her name before kicking the bucket, on getting there their anger couldn't be curtailed as they stone Orelope to death and elope the scene before the call of Jack Robinson.

Bayo as well as the remainder of his family got the news with great shock and after numerous wailing have to return home sad and with heavy hearts. As time goes on Bayo got over the death of his heartrob and was happily married to one of his father chiefs daughter.

Anuoluwa on her own part didn't find it easy, been the only surviving member of a group of three, it was a loss-loss scenerio for her as she really finds things difficult and soon became isolated as time goes on. May be the reason for such isolation is that she doesn't see anything worth living for or been cheerful about since the incident happened or maybe people already labelled her with a stigma of badluck after the ugly incident.

Bayo happen to have met Iyanuoluwa on one of his visit to his friend in their (Efunlase) town, he didn't recognize nor greet Anuoluwa not until she greeted and introduced herself, although he (Bayo) was in a royal convoy of foot soldiers, Bayo still thinks all is not well with the person he saw, he asked his friend about Anuoluwa and he posited that she is as good as a dead woman walking ever since the event happened.

Bayo in his benevolency feels that he can help the situation by giving few relief materials to Anuoluwa and her family and also send them some money to start up a business (since money stops nonsense) and he thinks same should done to the families of Orelope and Iyanu. Bayo did as he thought and he brought goods and cash to the house of Anuoluwa's parents of which he invited the families of the other girls, at the gathering Orelope parents declared they wouldn't have showed up if they know Iyanu's parents will be in attendance and on the part of Iyanu's parents they claim the feeling is mutual. Both families seems not to have forgotten the past so easily as they make huge threats to each other using charm, witchcraft and other metaphysical power. Bayo as well as Anuoluwa's parents were the mediators but the fire burning in the aggrieved families looks beyond what fire can quench. What next for the deceased family?, What next for Iyanu and family?, What next for Bayo?.

Watch out for Episode 4

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