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Episode 2

Iyanu posited in the conversation with her friends that and he's someone you know, Aremo Bayo (crown prince Bayo), he's the same Bayo, which Bayo they asked?, Bayo now, the same guy Iyanu said only that he was disguising from the onset, he's actually the heir apparent to his father, (little did Iyanu friends know that as the sight of Bayo disappeared in their everyday life, Bayo and Iyanu do see once in a while because Bayo has a friend who resides behind Iyanu parent's house and as time goes on Bayo was astonished by Iyanu's benevolence and her meek nature that he (Bayo) at a point regretted having anything in mind for Orelope, he sees his feelings for Orelope and his whole experience of  trying to convince her as wasted efforts and started propagating his love for Iyanu) the news however did not meet Orelope well as she cried foul of betrayal, it turns out to be a bad day that even the devil takes a gulp of water, in no time the news has filled the who village as Orelope threatened that such wedding between her long time admirer (Bayo) and her friend (Iyanu) will never take place, the Mogaji of the locality have to summon the girls and their parents.

The Mogaji in his wisdom tried to percify all parties involved, he told many tales of friendship and how such thing can be as a result of bye-passing, he implored everyone not to pick offence and let the will of God prevail, the Mogaji however didn't shy away from making certain remarks, he posited that a man that is still breathing should never be underrated, he told Orelope that you were asked to eat it, you said it's strictly bone, then throw it away, you complained there is still small meat in it, he persuaded the girls and their parents to be more united, we'll all have joyous reasons to keep celebrating he prays.

One month to the wedding, Orelope saw her self boarding a bus with a female conductor, the conductor was chanting "ajule, ajule, ajule...." and the said female conductor turns out to be her friend Iyanu, as Orelope took her seat in the bus, the female conductor (Iyanu) sent down all the passengers, she told them not to be angry that Orelope is the only one she wish to take to the destination, as they were about to take off, Orelope woke up and discovered it was a dream. Orelope asked her mother the next day, maami what/where is ajule, her mother replied ajule orun is the land of the death, hope no problem, this one that you're asking this type of question early in the morning, no problem maami Orelope said, it's nothing serious, it's just a drama at the village square last night, alright go and do the house chores her mother told her.

Two weeks to the wedding Orelope had same dream, but this time around no one was asked to come down as she took her seat, to her surprise all the passengers all had cotton wool in their nose and ear, the conductor was the same (Iyanu) as the first dream, she woke up to reality as the bus was ignited. Orelope called Iyanu the following day and narrated both dreams to her, Anuoluwa was of the opinion that this is indeed a note of warning, who knows if Iyanu has charmed Bayo in the first place and now we're the next one her rader  to use her charm on, we need  to be really careful Iyanu summed it up as Orelope nodded her head in compliance.

On the morning of the wedding day, Iyanu mother had entered her room to see her rolling in pains, her mother tried to help the situation but she (Iyanu) called Ore....,ore... Just like a stammerer and gave up the ghost, her mother screamed for help but it was too late. What next?

Watch out for Episode 3

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