JUNE 12'

Father of Democracy

On this day June 12 1993,
Duck strapped her duckling,
Thunder clapped untll her hands sore,
It looks as if the sky had a pillow fight.

Kashimawo fell like a pillar,
Areonakankafo drank his ancestors tea,
Yoruba land got tattered
Like a madman's suit...

East became West,
South became North,
The four cardinal points,
Lost her senses...

Oh!  On that mournful morning,
Democracy got raped and tortured,
Voters became wailers,
Watching their loved ones jailed...

That day,  mother said;
Was the saddest day of my fatherland,
That fateful day,  father told me;
Heaven swallowed more than it can chew...

Abiola waved a sorrowful bye to his land,
He dwells and wine with maggots,
Nigerians gazed like a lost owl,
As democracy hero lie dust....

Rest on Kashimawo,
Rest on Hero,
Rest on Philantropist,
Rest on Great man,
Rest on till that day you shall rest again....

By: Idris Moshood #Earlpen


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