Do not compare people as everyone is with their distinct features,
Someone is this or that but others aren't him or her,
Not having same qualities with someone doesn't make you weaker,
Everyone has their time and seasons.

Don't choke people with other's success stories,
Motivate and don't break with tales of rise to stardom,
If someone is making it big it's probably their time,
With work you can make it even bigger when your time comes.

Face reality as quick as possible,
Everyone has a good side don't be too blind to see,
Always learn to move on from the past,
Don't be an inhabitant of a never existing dream island.

Always appreciate the good in people,
Don't walk into someone life tormenting them with tales of you ex's
You also need not criticize an old friend before a new one,
Don't forget their were times those old friends have your back.

Always have a free mind towards people,
People cannot and will never be the same,
Our differences is what makes us human,
Everyone has to be the best version of themselves.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan
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