Poets; AfeezWrites & Chosen star.

Please tell tomorrow
Not to morrow in sorrow and mourn
And tears not to shed in grief.


Please tell tomorrow
    that today is weeding without plant.
   That the sun no longer smile and shine on the black race but burning it successively.

*_Chosen star.*

Again and again, tell tomorrow
Not to begin with sad voices
Crippled with calamitous vices.
And wailing and crying not to prevail.


Please tell tomorrow
The middle of our fingers has printed black dot as indication of the weed we consumed.
  Today is weeping,dying, suffocating,thinking life is not worth living.

*_Chosen star.*

And I - beseech tomorrow
To echoe stars that never bring scars
Stabing sorrow and sigh of grief.


Please tell tomorrow
  That his leaders ain't the youth he foretold but the old Haggard men in khaki.
that today is breathing ritualistic air that won't make them see the sun of tomorrow.

*_Chosen star.*

I, in supplication
Implore tommorow to morn in marvel
Entwining to verdant joy.
Of the impending greatness descend
Cascading down the spring of excellence


Please tell tomorrow not to wait anymore for today
Because today has started living tomorrow in pain,sorrow and anguish.
Tell tomorrow not to speak the language of the stars anymore.

*_Chosen star.*

..Pray, focus, excertion of effort
then the dreamt dream comes through.



  1. I hope tommorow listens
    I hope tomorrow handles better their burdens
    I hope tomorrow places not more of its burdens on the mistakes of the today and yesterdays
    I hope tomorrow swings into action
    I hope much than necessary isn't expected from posterity
    I hope tomorrow is saved of blame games.


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