_____Love a Writer____

A writer is a righter,
I wish to be a writer,
I desire to be a poet,
Using the power of words to ignite changes.

The pen is mightier than sword,
The pen kills and heals,
The end of time has been and will be predicted by pen,
Pen users have on several occasions been termed coup plotters.

More of blessings to those we've tapped from their knowledge,
Marx posited a writer shouldn't write for benefit,
He wants a writer to earn a living to stay alive to pen the next,
Loyalty to the pen and the creator of the pen holder is important.

A writer is a reader,
One who listens well is close to wisdom
You can't give what you don't have,
If you can't be a writer embrace them.

I pray our ink never stop flowing,
May our slate never get broken,
Stay true to it one will hit it some day,
One day the sleepness nights will pay off.

✍🏽 Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497.


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