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Most of us grow up to the saying and notion that not all that glitter is gold but little did we know that not all food that appears black are burnt and not all fruits that looks greenish are unripe. People might be more than what you see at the moment. Never look down on a man that is yet to have his last breath.

Episode 1
Three young girls in their early twenties Orelope, Anuoluwa and Iyanu were best of friends in a town called Efunlase. They have been friends right from childhood, their friendship is a perfect example of how friends can turn sisters or brothers overtime, they do almost everything in common, on their way to the river one day they met a man who introduced himself as Bayo and asked to see Iyanu of which he got a positive reply, Bayo expressed how much he to loves Orelope in his conversation with Iyanu, on joining her friends back Iyanu explained to them what Bayo discussed with him and how he said he has been observing them (the trio) for days now before he decided that day will be day he let out what he has in him. Orelope replied immediately  'i'm not interested in seeing him nor interested in having any to do with him at all', Orelope posited that a beautiful girl like me should not be seen no where around that man, can't you see even his looks appears wretched, her friends begin to persuade her that Bayo sounds responsible and also seems promising, just keep him as a friend and let's see how things work out, Orelope refused saying since they so much believe in his person any of them can have him, this angered her friends who vowed never to bring up the issue and they also sounded a note of warning to Bayo never to come to them for any further assistance concerning their friend.

As time goes on Bayo tried to approach Orelope personally on different occasions but the reception wasn't always friendly, mostly she hiss and walk out on him, at a point where it became persistent she wanted to at least give him some audience but the egoistic tendencies in her didn't allow her, she also considered that the issue once almost created a fight between she and her friends and she swore right before them that over her dead body will she have anything to do with Bayo, with time the sight of Bayo as well as the expression of his interest in her faded.

Orelope on her path continue to fall into one emotional trap (set up) or the other not because she's a cheerful giver of what makes one a woman but because almost everyone knows that she falls easily for anyone who is rich or appears to be one, it took Orelope long to understand that life is indeed a warfront and you're either a soldier or refugee. Men often borrow the most expensive garments at Odo Alagbafo (the drycleaner's river) and rent beautiful horses from the Tunde Eleshin (the horse rearer) just to impress her an catch her attention since everything in life comes with its own price, that would not be too much of a sacrifice to make in order to get a beautiful girl like her on their rader even if it is just for a short while.

Shortly after the friends were having a timeout one evening when Iyanu broke the news that she has a fiancee and that they will both be getting married soon, when did you started a relationship that we didn't know about it her friends asked as they raised their eyebrows, I'm sorry I only followed the Yoruba adage which says anything we hide have more value, at least I'm the one telling you myself now, who is the person they (Orelope & Anuoluwa) inquired,  he's the crown prince of the next kingdom and he said the King has ordered that our wedding ceremony should take place not later than in 3months time, Iyanu friends were in shock that their friend has such big fish in her net and decided to shroud it in secrecy, they had no choice than to congratulate their friend which they both chorused, thanks my friends yours too will follow suit soonest as they all chorused ameeeeen.

Watch out for Episode 2

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  1. I enjoyed this story and would definitely read the next episode. I admire the touch of locality; the names, the environment, the extensive use of language etc.
    However, there are one or two things to work on — structure-wise — in the story. For example, the punctuation, grammaticality and less importantly, connectives. These things, however minor, add substance to your work.


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