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*KAYEFI* Written by Sultan B. Lawal. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the  permission of the copyright owner. Anyone who wishes to repost this story to any online platform should give proper and adequate acknowledgements to the content owner (Lawal Sultan). *PREFACE* Most of us grow up to the saying and notion that not all that glitter is gold but little did we know that not all food that appears black are burnt and not all fruits that looks greenish are unripe. People might be more than what you see at the moment. Never look down on a man that is yet to have his last breath. Episode 1 Three young girls in their early twenties Orelope, Anuoluwa and Iyanu were best of friends in a town called Efunlase. They have been friends right from childhood, their friendship is a perfect example of how friends can turn sisters or brothers overtime, they do almost everything in common, on their way to the river on


KAWTHAR. Al kawthar, Petal of abundance goodness Verily, because Allah is Al kawthar I supplicate in abundance Performing my Salat Solely and sincerely to my lord Without ascribing to his name Kawthar is what I recite when awake For it cut off hostility And brighten up my day Al-Kawthar is what I read when about to sleep Over the torment of nightmares. ....Allah is majestic and mighty He alone is sufficient for me. _AfeezWrites.


*NEXT WORLD APTITUDE* _____Love a Writer____            22-05-2019. A writer is a righter, I wish to be a writer, I desire to be a poet, Using the power of words to ignite changes. The pen is mightier than sword, The pen kills and heals, The end of time has been and will be predicted by pen, Pen users have on several occasions been termed coup plotters. More of blessings to those we've tapped from their knowledge, Marx posited a writer shouldn't write for benefit, He wants a writer to earn a living to stay alive to pen the next, Loyalty to the pen and the creator of the pen holder is important. A writer is a reader, One who listens well is close to wisdom You can't give what you don't have, If you can't be a writer embrace them. I pray our ink never stop flowing, May our slate never get broken, Stay true to it one will hit it some day, One day the sleepness nights will pay off. ✍🏽 Lawal Sultan E-mail: sultan_lawal@yaho

Queen of the Night.

Duet of ISHAQ WALIULLAH ADEBAYO  and ABDULROUF WASIU QUEEN OF THE NIGHT #SCHOLAR In a gladsome mood And a hazy weather I spotted a queen Beautiful than explanation #IBN ROUF She ate me- in the calabash_ Of many pretty and awesome; Digestions, I'm really in a void #SCHOLAR She roars like a lion Is this a monster, witch or lion in human form? I started crying with silent tears Sympathetically I kneel #IBN ROUF I'm a mortal, so fearful... In a native dress of- Ancient gown, a brownish Ornament, but again in odd of hot tears..... #SCHOLAR A thought came alive but away it hide Until she said: afraid not my son People named me devils disciple But I call myself queen of the night #IBN ROUF That's her! The Ebora of Oru! Many of her skeptical noise, Rent me; an apartment of... Residual silence. So! I was soaked in panic. #SCHOLAR Her looks comfort my fear My heart feel at ease The look in my eyes express my emotion Indeed crackerjack is her


ELECTION; WHEN ARE WE GETTING IT RIGHT? Election is the mainstream of democracy In the political system of a democratic state. Today, Nigeria elections remains Of fraudulent practice and turbulent As corruption marred the elections Coupled with falsification of results And yet, years rolled on Previous mistakes kept repeating Often, credible election becomes crippled Past problems besets the present one Defiling the democratization process. Engaging in politics of their bellies When are we getting it right? From this seeming unending crises Making politics warlike And election becomes insurrections Alas, then we get it right When election gives credence to citizens rights And accountability and probity are sustained Equity and credible election can be strengthen With the electoral bodies upholding fairness. _ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore (AfeezWrites) 09023585750.


PLEASE TELL TOMORROW (A DUET). Poets; AfeezWrites & Chosen star. ___________________ Please tell tomorrow Not to morrow in sorrow and mourn And tears not to shed in grief. *_AfeezWrites* Please tell tomorrow     that today is weeding without plant.    That the sun no longer smile and shine on the black race but burning it successively. *_Chosen star.* Again and again, tell tomorrow Not to begin with sad voices Crippled with calamitous vices. And wailing and crying not to prevail. *_AfeezWrites* Please tell tomorrow The middle of our fingers has printed black dot as indication of the weed we consumed.   Today is weeping,dying, suffocating,thinking life is not worth living. *_Chosen star.* And I - beseech tomorrow To echoe stars that never bring scars Stabing sorrow and sigh of grief. *_AfeezWrites* Please tell tomorrow   That his leaders ain't the youth he foretold but the old Haggard men in khaki. that today is breathing ritualistic air that won't