LADIES OF THE NIGHT ---- Ọ̀lọjá alẹ


ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore. (AfeezWrites)
RIDWAN, Adédèjì Ọlánrewájú (Owiwi).


I felt teared up
As ladies of the night dresses in nude
Tossing guys to behave prudish.
Ladies dress seems tattered
Like a mad man apparel


Thieves and Queen Jezebels
Are lot but friends with the night
They come in the open
In colours
Brushed by blushing darkness
They make me feel
Night comes with darkness
And oh! Senselessness
How sad.


Today brother Samuel
Tomorrow brother Joshua
Leaving your dear life in promiscuity.
Coupled with annihilating your soul.
Littering the community with abnormality.
Dispatching your virginity.


Night beauties, lipstick lips, pressurized buttocks
Come in full glare
Parade the street with a shaky-shaky gait
Wait for retarded just like them,
The market is here
Front, back; back, front
Gum-chewing Chinese
Men must come for the goods,
And pay for these
A few minutes of enjoyment
Or is it ephemeral madness, retarded thinking?
Or, oh no! A loss of self esteem.


Ladies of the night
You feel disdained and fall in destitution
Placing your integrity degraded
Belittling the community
Like a disparaged superior.


Their partners in foolishness
Whose below thighs reason for them
Somebody's son
Another person's apple in the eye
Somebody's father
They wash the earth with a flood of dirt
Dirt that could bring them death
The night owl never gets tired of these sights
Beautiful wrecks by beautiful idiots
With the helping hands of brains below the thighs
On their beautiful life
That has become a beautiful sealed sack of esa
Sold in much for low.


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