Duet of Abdulrouf Wasiu and Abdulmalik Maryam Al-hassan

ABIKU (A child with recourse)

When a soul reincarnates,
Rebirth! Reborn;
Different lives; in disguise,
In another world.

Anomaly smiles on thy face,
hoping for a child;
So horrible to be a monster;
On the day you were born,
How miraculously,
I danced, on my feet;
For you were like a pretty jelly fish.

Abiku! The child with recourse,
as he vanished from gatherings;
between life and death;
spotted again; in another image.

You returned to be unknown to me,
Leaving me behind with a moody attitude,
My hope was a fragile seed.
As i cried deeply for you to be returned,
I was so pugnacious;
you wouldn't go too soon.

The power of transformation;
disappearance and repentance.
Mama cried, of switch scene,
But he found solace in boiled heart.
On this day; that he wept,
The call of heavenly age mate;
Awakens his disturbing thoughts,
So! Trauma presents a tragedic gift.

Abiku!! On your face,
is the strip of a forceful lion,
All sacrifice made for you to stay,
Scars are the roadmap to the soul,
The promise between us,
wasn't a delicate flower.

Running helter skelter,
Survival of gone and stay;
Do or die, he must live;
Resuscitating ingredients;
And its so plenty.

Malomo is pleasant,
Durojaye is treasured,
Iku dayisi is humbled.

Kolanuts, salt and palm oil;
Lubricants in hot friction;
And he never listen again.
The chorus "come back home"
Spontaneously rings, and
To the call he answered again.

As the world scream your name,
Calling; to feel the sweetness of life,
hope was a fragile seed;
Hold on, then have a mother;
who could care for you.



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